Jeff Christensen
Jeffery Christensen
Founder & CEO
From the first ideas of what Rx Help Centers might be to the organization that we are now, Jeff has steered the ship. He developed and implemented the marketing and strategic plans for launching our services through a variety of distribution channels. He is responsible for executive management of the organization, budget development, and corporate oversight. He also secures and oversees major projects and partnerships to keep Rx Help Centers a growing organization.
Bill Stafford
President & COO
Bill sets the overall direction for positive sales growth, resolves escalated client opportunities and issues, and directs marketing strategies for the employer markets. Bill also coordinates with billing and advocacy to keep all areas apprised on situations affecting revenue and clients – both positively and negatively. He divides his time between the office and the road as he builds relationships and partnerships with companies across the country.
Anji Hopper
Anji Hopper
Chief Advocate
Anji was instrumental in building the foundation of what the Advocates do every day. She also spearheads the processes used to save our clients on their prescription medications and builds relationships with each account, each patient, and each account HR contact to guarantee that Rx Help Centers is providing the maximum possible impact in every facet of the advocacy process. Anji also mentors the Call Center leadership, helping them to be the best leaders they can be.
James Warren
Executive Vice President & Operations Manager
James manages Rx Help Centers’ day to day operations, including accounts payable and receivable and serves as the liaison between the three operating divisions of the organization to make sure that services are delivered and best practices are maintained. James works to develop ways to make Rx Help Centers stronger and faster, ensuring that we are working smarter rather than harder.
Valerie Rieger
Director of Human Resources
Valerie is responsible for all things related to Human Resources including but not limited to new employee onboarding, benefits management, payroll, and development and implementation of employee programs. As the HIPAA Compliance Officer, she makes sure that Rx Help Centers is compliant with all HIPAA regulations, answers clients HIPAA related questions, and provides HIPAA privacy training to Rx Help Centers staff.
Taylor Miller
Director of Advocate Services
Taylor is the primary manager for the Call Center staff and is responsible for making sure that all Advocates have what they need to be both productive and successful. She places mail orders for our clients and creates quotes for incoming clients as well as refills for our senior patients. She also handles all incoming prescriptions and Mail Order authorization forms.
Gary Hinkle
Director of Account Management
Gary is the go to for all account inquiries, potential account proposals, and new account implementations. He manages the day to day functions of our client accounts and ensures that any technical questions are accurately and promptly answered. If an account has specific questions about their participation, return on investment or next steps to become a corporate account, Gary is the person responsible for reaching out to them.